25 May 2006

This ain't no Law and Order Episode!

The Crime!

I came home today to find this on my couch.
DH followed the yarn trail all the way down to the basement. Note-- ball of yarn has been unwound completely and some of the work in progress has been removed from the needles.

The Suspect!

Mr. Sweet & Innocent. aka: Mr. Tibbs!

How do I stop this naughty boy from playing with my wool when I have the same addiction.

On another note, I finished the Baby Raglan !

Yarn: Sirdar Baby Snuggly DK

Needles: 4mm

Very well written pattern. It's just plain, so I added in the red hearts and red pompom on the hood for a little colour. It's knit top down, so there's no seaming except on the top of the hood. You could do alot of different things with this one.


Michelle said...

Your cat too, huh. I made my cat an acrylic ball to play with. He won't have anything to do with it, yet, I forget my ball of mohair on the dining room table and he's on it like a monkey on a cupcake. I hope the damage Mr. Tibbs created is easily fixed.

Cute baby raglan! Love your addition of red hearts and pompom.

Anny said...

Oh, no! I'm guessing by the tone of your post that Mr. Tibbs didn't cause too much damage...well considering? Julian loves to pull on yarn too which is why all WIPS are safe in their own ziplocs at all times!

And, Rhonda, that cardi is simply adorable. That's going to be a lucky baby ;0)

Noeysmommy said...

Very cute baby cardi!! I saw that pattern too, so nice to see it made up. Maybe I'll give it a go!

Jenn said...

Ouch!! What a little devil in disguise.
Deuce hasn't actually got into my yarn yet, he just likes to play with it when I'm knitting.
Love the hoodie too!

Samantha said...

Nice sweater! Baaaaad kitty -- he must take after Valerie. *lol*

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Always pickin' on the Niblett! Maybe you should give him his own collection!

Wannietta said...

That's one life down - how many more does he have left?
Cheeky Monkey loves my yarn too - although his special trick is chewing through the yarn so that I have to join in the ball again.

miss ewe said...

Oh, he is cute. It's amazing what we'll let a cute male get away with!