22 May 2006

Another long weekend!

I seem to get so much done on long weekends.
I finished the Opal socks. I used Wendy's Toe up sock with the Feather and Fan stitch.

I finished the Suede Shawl. My lovely daughter modeling it. It was for her any way. I'll post the pattern as soon as I write it out.

I have the Baby hoodie almost done, maybe by tonight.
I also finished the crochet edging on the cardigan for one of Julie's customers( no pictures, just because it's not mine). Julie did give me a new sweater to start though. It's from Naturally, and the yarn is 10 ply Harmony. Very nice to knit with.

And I started a new sock for my daughter. The pattern is Hedera , and I'm using Fortissima Socka yarn.

What else are ya goin' do on a cold, rainy long week-end.


Samantha said...

The socks and shawl look fantastic! :) When does the new Interweave arrive? Should I be getting it soon? I hope so. I want to have it for this weekend (camping trip!!) ...

Jenn said...

Loving the socks!! Sounds like you accomplished alot during a rainy long weekend. :-)

Dipsy Doodle said...

Wow, you've finished a lot over the long weekend, and the projects you've going on are so great as well! I love your socks, the colorline is so great, and the shawl looks gorgeous as well! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the projects you've started!

Dipsy D. http://www.millharrow.com/weblog