2 March 2006

Did They say Pink!

This is what happens when you take a 2 year old and a 26 year old (going on 6)
to the wool store and let them pick out your yarn.
A pink hedgehog.

Of course this is prefelting. I'm making another one with some leftover yarn, which I'm sure they will say is boring.
I'll felt them together and then I'll post the finished photos, and let others decide.

Thanks for your help Julie!

On another note I have the collar finished on the cardigan for Julie's customer and will sew it together tomorrow. Photos will follow.


Jenn said...

Hahaha! Cute pre-felted hedgehog. I'm sure Miss P will love to see it when it's all finished. :-)

Samantha said...

Its cute!

Julie said...

I like the pink. He can come and live with my purple guy.