12 March 2006

Another week done!

Where does the time go! I did get alot accomplised this week though. The hedgehogs got their faces on. Thank you Valerie. She did a great job.

Spice hog is waiting to be felted. I think his name will be Curry. The fun fur my daughter picked out knits up in stripes so his back is different than the others.

I started a cat bed with leftovers because I have been promising Mr. Tibbs a bed for awhile now. He has a thing for natural wool. When my back is turned or if the door of my wool room is left open you can see him running down the hall with a ball in his mouth. I can always find one under a bed or the couch. His little way of telling me to hurray up.

And besides he's been a little put out since you know who moved in!

And I almost forgot. Guess who came to dinner? Again! Yar Matey!!!!


Samantha said...

I love Curry! He and "Julie" are my favourites. :) LOL

Lady is so cute and getting to be so big. I'll bet she is driving Mr. Tibbs batty. It's nice of you to make him a bed. If you have enough leftover yarn you could make a GIANT one for Lady next. :)

RebekahF said...

Oh my goodness, those hedgehogs are beyond cute, and then the puppy picture. Are you trying to make my heart melt?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

There, I got a blog, dunno if I'll post.....
Anyway, I think you should name him Salsa, not Curry, I named the green one Hedgey, just so you know... and he makes a really good projectile when Dave makes smart ass comment.
And what did you do to Niblett? He looks pissed.
PS we really got to work on your spelling :)

Cynthia said...

I didn't even realize the "hogs" had no faces they looked that good - obviously the faces are the crowning touches. They are pretty cool.

Your dog is so cute, what a face. Gotta love dogs.

Anny said...

OMG, what cute faces! I'm curious, are they beads? They look perfect ;0)

An what a discerning cat you have! Natural wool, heh? He's going to love the kitty pie!

Rhonda said...

The eyes are small oval buttons we found at Walmart, and my daughter embroider the noses on.