15 March 2006

Sad Disappointment!

Mr. Tibbs' felted bed! Dried and empty. All my hopes and dreams dashed. He won't go in it. He just looks at it and lays beside it. I even put a pinch of catnip in to intice him. NADA!

Now it's just decoration for a hedgehog.

But wait! Could that be Russell taking over? Only problem is he's too BIG!

Oh no! Look who's jealous!

Do you think Mr. Tibbs has had a change of heart?

Looks like maybe I better make another one. Extra-Large!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Yeah, Mr. Mopar is going to need one about threee times the size of that..... what happened to making it a disoc bed.. where is the fun fur?

Jenn said...

Typical eh? Only curious because someone else is going to take over! Poor Russell, it looks like had he have been smaller he would've had ownership over that bed. he he!
It looks great.

Cynthia said...

Go figure on the cats! You know chances are if you had made the bigger bed he wouldn't have gone near it. I will be reading with anticipation the final outcome.

The bed is freakin gorgeous; I love it - it almost looks like some Royal Egyptian Cat should be sleeping in there - although the hedgehog works pretty nicely!

Samantha said...

Put it somewhere he's *not allowed* to be ... like, put it with your yarn or near your knitting bag. Then he'll sneak in it and think he's being naughty. Some kitties need to think they're being tricky and they only way to do that is to trick them into thinking they're being tricky. *lol*

Samantha said...

PS. Ahahahahaha ... we both changed to blue!

Michelle said...

Your Hedgehogs are too cute! I can't wait to make some.

Vickey said...

I think that is funny!!!!! Cats can be so stuck up. I think Russel needs a bigger bed however, his whole body won't fit lol.. Or maybe its the catnip that he likes.. I think the cat bed is adorable, and it turned out really good!!!!!