6 February 2010

I know, I know...........

I'm supposed to be knitting, but after my blue mood a couple of weeks ago, I needed some pink.
Every time I think of pink, it reminds me of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. You know the 9 Lives Tour (several years ago now).
Boss Cat got tickets to go, then unfortunately, her best friend decided to get married that day.
So guess who got to go!! 2nd row right at the edge of the stage.
So in honor of Steven Tyler, I give you.............Pink.And a few others, that decided to join in. They're all up in the shop now.Tomorrow, I'll post some pictures of the new project I'm working on for Julie.


lexa said...

Love the yarns! Gorgeous!

I saw Aerosmith back in 1991 maybe it was. Still have the ticket stub in an album somewhere. It was back when they did Dude Looks Like a Lady. He sure can move! I remember him doing backflips across the stage. I was about 50some rows back from centre stage.

Jeanne said...

I love Aerosmith - but never saw them live - and I guess I never will now...sad.

Love the new colors!