25 September 2007

Warning.....picture heavy

First up presents:
1: License Renewal --$74 ( mandatory present to myself)

2: Presents from daughter: She knows her mother all too well.

I can't seem to get gauge, but we'll keep going or die trying.

3: Why is it that black cats are always attracted to white wool?

Really he's no help.

He really is cute, but a pain in the A%&*!

4: Mystery Stole 3 blocked and ready to wear.

I wasn't really sure about this pattern once I got to the wing part. But now that it's done I think I love the wing part the most.

Pattern: Mystery Stole 3: Swan Lake

Yarn: Jagger Spun 50% merino, 50% silk

Needles: Addi Lace needles 3.5mm

It's so very light and airy and it just makes me want to knit more shawls. Maybe this one or this one.
Knitting: PRICELESS!


Anonymous said...

The shawl is fabulous!! Excellent work.

Wannietta said...

Is it really your b-day today? It's mine too!

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday! You got yourself the same thing I got myself. LOL

Julie said...

The shawl is amazing!! (and happy belated birthday)

Angelika said...

Let me guess. You have to renew your registration on your birthday too? That sucks, doesn't it? It's like, "Don't give me gifts, just money, so I can pay for my registration". Try that with 4 vehicles. Sure puts a damper on my husbands birthday. I do love it that your daughter knows you so well.

Alisha said...

Okat so the one thing I don't have to get for my birthday is that pesky car renewal. There are benefits of not driving LOL Just think......I can buy yarn with my $74!!! LOL

Love the stole. You did a great job!!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh your Swan Lake stole came out really beautiful. I love wearing mine also. The wing is the best part too. It was my 1st lace and I LOVE it.