2 October 2007

Guild night....

It's raining off and on today, but the first Tuesday of the month again. Guild night. We're having a silent auction for charity, and every one is bringing in yarn and accessories. Can't wait.
The only problem is deciding what I can part with. This is not an easy task.

I've actually got my mojo back and have been working on my Lacy Tee Cardigan again. I'm up to the armholes and started the right front.

I've also started the pullover for the farm, but straight stockinette stitch gets to me after awhile....boring!!!!!!!! I need stimulation. But it's a paying job so it'll get done.

And in honor of Socktoberfest, I give you Seacoast Handpaint. Desert Rose and Cherry Fizz.
Purchased from Linda's ebay store. And no, it's not going in the auction.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would have totally bid on the seacoast handpainted if you have brought it.

Alisha said...

Great stuff on the go and great yarn.

Samantha said...

Too bad ... that yarn would have brought in some nice $$ for the Cancer Society. :)