9 July 2007

...oops, I did it again!

As if I didn't have enough to do, I was reading a few favorite blogs here, here and here, ,and saw I was about to miss the train. What is wrong with me? Just because everybody else is doing it does that mean I have to do it too? I'm such a follower.

Fortunately, I had the yarn in my stash. I bought some JaggerSpun from Fiddlesticks at the Knitter's Fair a few years ago, but lost interest in the pattern that came with it.

I tried to take a picture of the stole but, Mr Duece wanted to be in the picture too so why fight it. All I needed was the beads. This is a first for me, knitting with beads that is. So off I went with my daughter to the bead store on Saturday. These are perfect!

And I just finished the last of the blocking for Na Craga so it's ready for assembly and a collar.
That last sleeve seemed to take forever to knit. Hopefully, I may have it done this weekend and I can cross one more project off my list.


Anonymous said...

I don't blame you one bit for getting sucked in. I'm even tempted and obviously a lace stole is not for me!!
The sweater looks great.

Angelika said...

You are so sweet blaming me for this. I'm honored to be next to the yarn harlot in line and I'm also glad you hopped on and we can all take this ride together. But black cat hair and white lace yarn, brrr, shutter. I can only imagine. I used to find tons of it in my xstitch and now it's doghair in my stole.
Makes me glad I found that book I nneded on your ebay page.:)

Samantha said...

Na Craga is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it assembled. I always thought the mystery shawl things would be fun, but I'm not into knitting anything complicated these days.

Renee said...

I saw it in a few places too and signed up before I knew it. I have the yarn but haven't started knitting. If I let too much pile up I likely won't be able to make myself start. The 'mystery' is part of the fun, no?

P.S. Brittany is going to be in my head allll day now.

Wannietta said...

I'm a sucker for a bandwagon; I'm just waiting for some black yarn from Elann & some white linen from Handknitting.com to arrive so that I can choose my weapon & then pick beads and then I'll be off to the races!!

Na Craga looks awesome!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love the Na Craga! I signed up for MS3 when it was first announced. Don't know why ... it's my first lace, never mind knitting with beads. Which I'm doing of course. But what made me do it? Since it's turned into such a Monster ... I would have been upset with myself if I hadn't jumped in when I did. ;-) Your white looks lovely. I think my next one will be white. [what?]

monica said...

Your Na Craga looks beautiful all blocked. That is on my list of to knit items. I am in the MS3 also did last years too but didn't finish it so I am determined this year. Yours look lovely on the black cat

Alisha said...

Love your Na Craga...great!!