30 June 2007

...all is revealed

The secret undercover project is done! I couldn't post it because it was for Samantha's shower, which is today. Hopefully she'll be too busy to peak this morning.I love this pattern. Purchased from Marie Grace Designs. It starts at the center on four needles and eventually change to circulars. You knit around in a circle and end up with a square This is such a great idea. Think of the possibilities.

And just perfect for little toes... little camouflage socks!
Now back to finish Na Craga!


Wannietta said...
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Wannietta said...

They're beautiful Rhonda - I'm sure that Sam will be both surprised & thrilled!

almost makes me want another

Sorry - momentary loss of good sense & judgment there. 2 is all the happiness that I can stand! LOL

Amelia said...

That is so beautiful! My friend is working on a civil war shawl that is knit like that..center out..so interesting I just may have to try!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Really interesting way to do a square. Of course I can do it in crochet, but never thought about it in knit. Really nice!

Renee said...

That blanket is awesome!

Alisha said...

What a lucky little baby Sam has on the way!!

Great job!!