20 June 2007

Not another one.............

Just what this girl needed............a little sheep butt!

A present from my lovely daughter (who has no self-control).

I'm on the last sleeve of Na Craga, and started blocking the body.
I did have a little time to order some new books from Amazon, though!

Mr D. had to put in a second book shelf for me. The first one was getting a little full and a couple of the shelves were starting to sag.

Then there's still the unfinished projects... Miss "P's" nightie.

My much needed quilt.

Then I got talked into ordering the yarn for Kauni by Kristin and Renee.

So onward and upward... it is only Wednesday afterall.


Anonymous said...

I am a wee bit jeolous about the favorite socks. I have been dreaming about it for awhile.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

A sheep butt ... now THAT you needed! LOL, where does she find stuff like that? BTW, I don't think I'll ever catch up to your sheep collection, Rhonda. ;-)

Samantha said...

You were "talked into buying yarn" as much as I was "talked into eating chocolate" ...

Love the sheep butt. :)

SaraSkates said...

Where'd you order your Kauni yarn from??? just curious ;) I ordered mine from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions or whatever that website is called.

We're almost neighbors too - I'm from Rochester NY :)

(I'm here via the Kauni KAL blog)

cheers - Sara