16 March 2007

Slow going....

Well the back of the aran is finished and the front started.
I have today off of work so I'm hoping to make some good progress today and this weekend.
And just to keep the boredom from setting in, I whipped up a baby hat and mittens for my friend when the little one is a bit bigger in the fall.
Our daughter stopped be last week with a new toy for Lady Dog, but we found Duece had taken possession of it under the dining table. He must love the smell of dog slobber. We also keep finding him sleeping in the dog's cage. What's with that?

And for all of you who celebrate , Happy St. Patrick's Day!
and a Happy Birthday to Jenn!


Anonymous said...

The sweater looks really good!

Julie said...

The cables look amazing but you know that I love cables.

Renee said...

The sweater is amazing. I wish I could pet it.

sue said...

The aran sweater is looking good. I love the baby outfit too, very nice and the color is lovely. Duece looks like our kitten Coco, who loves to get new toys, growl and hide them somewhere just for her to play with.