4 March 2007

March already?

Okay, so I've been busy. I finished the baby set.

I love the details..... diamond stitch and daisy buttons.

I guess you figured out my friend had a little girl. 8lbs-1oz, and her name is Sydney.

In other news I received a phone call from the lady at the Alpaca Farm.
It's only about 15 minutes from where I live and she had my phone number from when I was there in the fall and purchased some yarn.

She is desperate for some knitting. She apparently sold almost every item in her store since her grand opening and needs more knitted items. How could I refuse?
I took my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to show her my work and it was love at first sight.

So I have this gorgeous creamy colour Alpaca but it's like a fingering weight. So I used my yarn counter to find out how much yardage there is,

and if I double it I will have enough for the sweater. I'm just going to modify the neck because she doesn't like the turtleneck. So we'll go with a nice round collar.

How cool is that!


Anonymous said...

The baby set is beautiful, I love the buttons.
The alpaca looks great too.

Samantha said...

Love the baby set! Congrats on the new knitting job. The Lens here was looking for knitters, but when I was in the person I should talk to wasn't there and I haven't been able to get back. Oh well. I'm too busy now anyway. *loL*

Renee said...

That's very cool. Alpaca is soooo nice and that pattern is beautiful.

Jenn said...

Awwwe. I love those buttons, looking good. :-)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

How sweet is that sweater set ... sweet buttons too. And I love the baby's name.

Congrats on the knitting job. Alpaca is so yummy!

sue said...

I love the baby cardigan set, so beautiful. I like the aran you are making too, very nice. I think you will have to go and try on some different styles of hats and see which ones suit you the best, then you can knit your own. I still love the hat though, very chic.

Anonymous said...

What is the pattern of the baby set? It's just too beautiful?