21 March 2007

Lace & 007...

Look what Amazon sent me today. How delicious. Instead of knitting this afternoon, I've been browsing through this. A veritable feast.

And to keep my a** firmly planted on the couch, my son and daughter-in-law surprised us with these.... the complete James Bond collection (minus one, but that is coming). And we also got the new Casino Royale, very enjoyable.

As you can see the cold weather and mail delivery just sucks the moisture right out of my fingers and I now have a most painful and ugly split in one of my most important knitting fingers. The yarn keeps getting snagged on the band-aid so I'm thinking I might have to try the liquid bandage and see if it helps.

Russell says "Back to the couch, it's time for From Russia with Love! Hey, I might just get off the fridge for that one."


Anonymous said...

Bummer about your finger! I am suffering from dry skin too.
Enjoy the 007-a-thon

Wannietta said...

I bought all 4 boxed sets a few weeks ago and Casino Royale last week. I like how yours say 007 across them. We love them - the movies & the Bonds!!

Hey - we could put the same movie in at the same time & have a virtual "movie & a knit" night!!

Renee said...

Ouch! It does look like you need a bandage. Unfortunately, sometimes knitting with a band-aid feels like knitting while wearing mittens.

I like the Victorian Lace book but I can't bring myself to buy it since I know almost nothing about lace knitting.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Ouchie ... that is bad looking. My DH also gets cracks on his hands until I told him about what I use and put it out for him to use also. In 3 days his hands have healed ... you might think this is an sales ad but really I feel for you & just want to help. http://www.touchofmink.com/catalog.asp?v=allergies
I use their face moisturizer too. And I buy my supplies only once a year. Enjoy your new book ... it's beautiful.

Alisha said...

I feel for you with the dry skin crack on your finger. I have had them on my thumbs. I find keeping my nails longer helps...they happen right at the sides of my nail. They are the worst pain too if you bump them. Hope it heals up soon.

Nice book and you cat it so sweet.

Carol said...

I've been pondering that lace book myself, dropping hints etc. Maybe for Mother's Day ... enjoy!