29 April 2006

Sock Yarn Sale!

I promise, I was only going to take my mother to Len's Mill store in Port Dover so she could buy some sock yarn. I was thinking I'll just pick up two balls of pink for gift socks, and what do you know, there was a sale. Looks like they were clearing out for new stock coming. It was marked down to $1.80 a ball. That little voice in my head was saying "you have enough sock yarn", the other voice whispering in my ear was saying "your not going to find that price again" "buy it, buy it". So what do you do? There's your mother grabbing everything on the shelf, and your standing there arguing with yourself. YES! NO! YES! NO!
So as you guessed I broke down. Gave into my compulsion.
If anything they'll make great inexpensive gift socks for Christmas.

On another note, as
Samantha noticed I finished the Seamless Yoked Baby sweater. And a pair of booties to match. The pattern for the booties was simple enough, that I could slip the pattern from the sweater into them.

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Care DK
40% cotton, 60% acrylic,
2- 50g ball
3.5mm needles

Now I have to start my swatch for the
Knitting Guild homework for Tuesday night and decide which other baby sweater to do next, and maybe work on my Opal socks.


Emma said...

Great sock yarn haul, and the baby sweater is just beautiful. Nice job!

Samantha said...

Good buy! I have that dark blue/pink/green/purple yarn too ... it's really funky.

The sweater looks great. And I love the booties. :)

Cynthia said...

I love the baby sweater and booties Rhonda. And hey congratulations on the acquisition of some sock yarn. I think its great! But then again I am a little biased LOL.

Wanderingcatstudio said...


Anny said...

Rhonda, the cardi and booties are terrific. Don't you just love that pattern?

I've made two so far and used it as the basis of the madeira lace sweater I knit for project spectrum in March. It's so simple to change the stitch pattern and give it a whole new look. Plus you can't beat seamless. Love it ;0) And the booties to match...very clever!


Jenn said...

You can never go wrong with sock yarn at the price! I would've bought tonnes too. The booties turned out great.

Rhonda said...

That sweater set is just so sweet. As for sock yarn ... that doesn't count as STASH ... right? At that price, it's completely justified anyway. Just need the time to crank out the socks!