17 April 2006

Extra long weekend!

There's nothing quite like working for a company that has Easter Monday off too! That meant a four day weekend to do nothing but knit, knit, and then some more knitting.
First Julie's sweater is done.

2. My Jaywalkers are done.

3. Three squares for Warming Grace!

4. I started the red dancing slippers so "Miss P" can dance with Dorothy and Toto.
They will be felted tonight.

5. I started a new sock from the toe up this time, using Wendy's generic toe up pattern. I'm still deciding on what I will do on the top. Maybe the feather and fan stitch.

6. Tossed in is my cable and lace pullover. And Russell had to say "hello".

Mr. Tibbs says "hahaha you can't get me, dumb dog"!

And from Julie's blog:

You Are Western Boots

Your boots can sure walk a long mile - but they're still chic!


Samantha said...

It sounds like you had a productive four days! Yay! Everything looks great, as usual. I'm sure Paisley will love her slippers. :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Russell loooks more like he's saying "talk to the paw" but it's nice to see him upstair in daylight. And you shouldn't put sock on your sheep's head, that's not nice.

Julie said...

Your boots are great!!
You had a busy weekend.
The sweater looks good. It looks like the neck is sitting right now.

Jenn said...

Now you can enjoy the weekends a little more with out the keyboard mail. Paisley's excited about her dancin' slippers.

Anny said...

Now that's a lot of knittin'! I've had four days too...but sadly, very little knitting!

Your Warming Grace squares are beautiful. I'm sure she'll love them ;o)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

heeeeeeeyyyy. wait a minute... why is my bunny with those slippers?