4 December 2005

Weekend Gone Awry!!

Over the years my daughter has shown a slight interest in knitting. Mostly which sweaters she likes and how fast can my mommy knit it for me. Lately though, with all the new novelty and fancy yarns she has shown some promise of a becoming an avid knitter. She has made some scarves, a felted hat and felted bag, and some Debbie Bliss toys for gifts. Thursday evening we went to the mall to get her birthday gift and some how ended up in the Dollar store. Do you know they have yarn at the dollar store? So after $5, which I thought was well spent, I started to knit but just couldn't bring myself to go farther than one inch. I handed the reins over to her and this is how our evening ended.

Thank goodness he's a good natured cat!!!

After she went back to Toronto on Friday I had the perfect weekend planned. Nothing but lots of knitting. Saturday was minus 1 degree, a light snow falling, maybe a couple of good movies. I figured I could get two kitty-cat hats and 2 sets of mittens done. Then maybe I would try Julie's Mist scarf with some lovely fuschia angora I bought 2 years ago at the Knitters Fair in Kitchener.

Guess who showed up for a visit? Gramma's little angel.
The kitty-cat hat fit perfect, and we did get the mitts done late last night after she went to bed.
She went home this afternoon, after a morning visit to her great-gramma's and grocery shopping. So much for my quiet week-end of knitting.
Tonight I will start the other hat and mitts and then maybe by next week-end the scarf.

Tuesday night is our guild meeting and we get to work on our felted entrelac bags finally. After that it might just finish it before the next meeting.


Samantha said...

Poor poor Russel. *lol* I knew they sold yarn at the dollar store. I bought some there once. It makes for good cat toys. :) Valerie showed me her felted hat, I like it! :) I love Paisley's kitty hat. I have a pattern floating around here somewhere for a kitty hat. I should make one for Lilykinsy. See you tomorrow!

Wannietta said...

I'm sure that Amanda will start dressing CM any day now!! I love Paisley's hat too - every little girl should have one. Yes, Amanda does ;o}

Samantha said...

Woohoo, I found my kitty hat pattern! It's on the yarn Val bought me for my birthday so I could make Lily a kitty hat! :)