22 December 2005

Three Days Left!

Three Days Left!!!!!

Haven't had to much time to post. Between delivering a ton of mail for the last two weeks, finishing up shopping, and figuring in some baking, I haven't had very much knit time. We just finished our fifth and final birthday today, "Happy Birthday MOM", and now we have 3 days left to Christmas!!!!!
We did manage to get the tree up and decorated on Sunday, (Husband's Birthday).

I did manage to finish the pink kitty hat and mitts for Jennifer which she will receive on Boxing Day.

Poor raglan hoodie will not be done on time with one sleeve, the hood and the button bands to do time is slipping away.

My entrelac bag is suffering. I hear it calling "finish me, finish me!". But I have been contacted by another guild member and I think there maybe a small mistake in the pattern on row 1 of the top triangles. I'll have to let Julie know before the pattern is printed.

And from the sounds of the weatherman we may have rain for Christmas. So we will enjoy this snow for now till the next deep freeze.

I'm off to finish up baking and wrapping a few last gifts.

Merry Christmas to all. HOHOHOHO

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Samantha said...

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to you too!! I love Jen's hat and mitts. Very cute! I'm going to be able to work on my bag soon, because I'm almost done my holiday knits! Woohoo! Only 1/2 a headband to go. :)