13 July 2014


and dyeing have taken a back seat  in the last couple of weeks and I really need to step up on the baby knitting.  Those 2 little beauties will be here before I know it, and as a surrogate grandmother I can't let them down.  All babies need something hand knit as far as I'm concerned. 
Here is the start of the second baby blanket.  I'm knitting it in Stray Cat sport weight, one of my favorite bases. 
More on the pattern will be revealed when it's finished and hopefully that won't be too long.

My knit-obsession has turned into a spin-obsession.  I can't stop.  After the first couple of skeins I felt the urge to make more.  I think I need to try all the different breeds, just to be able to figure out which ones I like best.  So far Polwarth and BFL are leading.  I'm spinning up a Falkland now and it's doing quite well too.  It's almost like a box of chocolates, you just can't stop at one.

My favorite girl spent the morning on the deck with me. The breeze was lovely, but there was a storm brewing so she didn't stay too long.


Araignee said...

Deck spinning is the best (until the mosquitoes discover you are there)!

Rachelle said...

I did some spinning outside on our driveway a couple of days ago, it was warm for winter and very nice indeed!

lexa said...

I have a baby blanket picked out to knit. I have no reason to make one, but I like to make a baby blanket once in awhile. And I'm sure sooner or later someone will come along to gift it to.

I never started spinning, I figured it would totally take over, and I knit so much now I'd really be in trouble! :)

kathy b said...

She's beautiful . Came to you from your daughters blog