6 July 2014


practice and more practice.
As a child I remember my parents selling our piano because I wouldn't practice and now I regret not keeping up with it.
And as the old saying goes, the older we get the wiser we get.  I've learned through knitting and sewing that patience really is a virtue.  If you take your time and be patient you will get to the end with the results you love.

A while back I bought my mom's spinning wheel.  It's an Ashford Kiwi, and such a nice little wheel, perfect for beginners.
She wasn't using it and I kept seeing so many beautiful hand spun yarns on ravelry, that I wanted to make beautiful yarn too.   I picked up new parts at the local fiber shop and got her all tuned up and ready to spin.
I tried and tried, but I think I had high expectations that the fiber would spin itself and I would have gorgeous yarn instantly.  Boy was I wrong.  Then the discouragement set in, and the wheel was put in the back corner taunting me everyday.

With some videos by Judith MacKenzie and YouTube, I got my mojo back and dusted that wheel off again.
I think the bobbins are just as beautiful as the finished yarn.

I took it slow and learned that my first yarns wouldn't be what I was ultimately shooting for and just kept spinning.

The practice and perseverance has paid off, I finally got a yarn that I love and can't wait to knit.

This is my favourite so far. It's 100% Polwarth and I couldn't wait to get it plied and ready to knit.  Now I just have to find the right pattern.


Monika said...

Hehe, I learned to play the piano for seven years. Most of the time I hated it. We do have a piano now as well, since my daughter played as well, and still does from time to time.
Love how quickly you improved on your spinning skills!

Araignee said...

What lovely skeins! While all yarn is wonderful, knitting with your very own handspun is in a whole other realm of happy.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks like you've come pretty far pretty fast!

Rachelle said...

Patience definitely pays off, my skeins now bear very little resemblance to the ones I made when I first learned. Love your Polwarth, can't wait to see what you make with it.