23 May 2011

A Perfect end..........

to a perfect long weekend.
There were no plans for long drives to far away cottages on this first long weekend of the summer season, just a nice quiet relaxing one at home.  Between the endless roar of lawnmowers throughout the neighbourhood, you could still hear all the sounds of mother nature coming through loud and clear.
Morning Doves, Blue Jays, endless Sparrows and the odd little Finch.  There were winds howling, sun shining, thunder rolling off and on, the pop, whistle and crack of fireworks every evening and one sad Lady dog hiding in the closet most nights.
I wound up yarn for stripes, I dyed yarn for future projects, and I packaged up yarn to ship out to other knitters.  In between all that I managed to get some knitting done on 3 different WIP's.
Mr "D" ended off with a couple of roast chicken breast with stuffing, summer squash and sweet potatoes. What more could a girl ask for.
I think I found my "Rapture".

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