20 May 2011

Have you ever.....

had one of those days, when all you could think about was getting done work and just going home.  That was all I could think about all day.  It was a long one with over-time but at least we had some warm sunshine, NO RAIN.
So with the long week-end here, my thoughts are only about knitting and dyeing. Tomorrow is supposed to be a fine day in S. Ontario so I think I will take full advantage of my back yard deck and lots of tea and knitting.
Last week-end was a rainy miserable one and Mr. "D" and I spent Sunday driving around and hitting some of our favorite antique shops.  I had no plans to buy anything but Mr "D" found these in a corner and I couldn't resist.

They are from the Canada Spool & Bobbin Company Ltd Walkerton Ontario and they'll make great sock blockers, they even have the sizes stamped on them.


Monika said...

What a great find!

Wannietta said...

Almost makes me wanna go antiquing!!