1 December 2010


Slow and steady, I am getting some knitting progress.
First up, Miss"P's" poncho is coming along.  Several years ago, I stopped putting myself under pressure to get things knit for Christmas and that has just worked out fine for me, but I really would like to get this one done to put under the tree, only because I have promised this poncho to her for a very long time.
 The purple yarn is Nashua Creative Focus, that "Boss Cat" picked up a Julie's tent sale and the blue and natural are Wandering Cat Big Cat. The pattern called for seed stitch for the edging, but I didn't like it very much so I ripped back and started a slip stitch stripe which I'm liking much better.
And of course I had to start another striped sock, No-Purl Monkeys,  in Barn Cat, but I'm still looking for the right colour name for this one. Any suggestions?
I totally forgot to blog about these pretty pouches by Offhand Designs. I picked them up a Julie's several weeks ago, one for my many Addi circs, and one for my Addi Clics. Gorgeous, aren't they?

 I'll be back to the dye pots this week-end, I have lots of ideas running through my head right now.

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lookin' good mama.. wanna make me a poncho too?