21 November 2010

Plans gone awry...

I really had the week-end all planned out, I had a million things to do.  Then Mr. "D" said "Road-Trip" and all my plans went out the window. 
Now, my family (especially "Boss Cat") know how much I hate shopping. It's like pulling teeth just to get me to go out and buy myself some clothes.  So when Mr "D" noticed my slippers were in such bad shape he decided to take me for a new pair, and he was not waiting for Christmas.
We left early Saturday morning to go to my favorite shop for slippers. Robinson's General Store in Dorset.
This is a one stop shop. You can get everything here from gifts to hardware to groceries, and only 3 or so hours away from home.  I even got a few things for Christmas gifts.

 Old slippers:
 New slippers:  OMG, they look the same except new.  I'm so set in my ways.
 The scenery was beautiful. Even though were into November and there are no leaves on the trees I still find beauty in the Sumac.
My other favorite thing about road trips is I get to knit non-stop with no interruptions.  I actually got to finish my socks, that have been languishing in my sock bag for a very long time.
This is one of the very first skeins of Top Cat we dyed, Ruby Slippers, and I've been hiding it in my stash forever.  It's a very simple pattern I did and I'll be writing it up soon.
So, today was for catching up with the chores that were put off yesterday and Boss Cat dyed up some goodies for the shop.

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pendie said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip