12 August 2010


I can't find the "Boss Cat"  so I'm going to make an executive decision and update everything we have dyed in the past couple of weeks.  We have a couple of dozen skeins of sock yarn, and if I don't put it in the shop now, I'm just going to keep it all for myself.

I've also put all of our Fat Cat DK, Stray Cat Sport and Big Cat Worsted on sale at 10% off.  And don't forget about the free shipping on orders of $100 or more.
I'm off next week, but I have 2 young house guests coming to stay with Gramma so the only dyeing going on will be Miss "P" trying out her skills on some Chunky Monkey yarn, that she'll be knitting up herself.  There will be photos, I'm sure.

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Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn (as always!)

Have a great vacation!