5 April 2010

The aftermath.....

This is what happens when Boss Cat leaves me alone too long...with time on my hands.
Some new Slinky Cat Fingering:  Mystic Forest, Blue Jean Baby, and Green Eyed Lady.  I really love dyeing the greens and blues.
I took a picture in the sunlight too, and the silk content just sparkles.

Some more Stay Cat Sport:  Candy Girl, Mermaid Treasure, and  Dusk.
I just re-skeined, photographed and popped them in the shop this afternoon,  I really had a hard time photographing Dusk, it's over-dyed and has underlying shades of lavender and green and light blue, and the camera just doesn't do it justice. I may just have to knit it myself.
And on the knitting front, I have half of Julies scarf  knit and I have one more day off work, so I'm thinking if I get to it, I can have it done tomorrow.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I want green-eyed-lady!

Jeanne said...

Very very pretty - you really can see the silk!

Samantha said...

I need to move closer to you so I can help dye and steal some too. ;)

Samantha said...

HA HA! I'm MLS obsessed (let me start with that) and after I posted my comment about moving closer to you I thought for fun I'd look in your town. OMG, the house beside you is FOR SALE!!!! How much do you love me? LMAO!!