11 July 2009

Pretty in Pink....

Well Rowan, Gramma finally finished your sweater......I loved every minute of it. I hope you haven't grown too much and it will fit.
Pattern: Design A Cardi from Sirdar Book 353 Little Kisses
Yarn: Snuggly Kisses DK (754 Bon Bon) 3 -- 50g balls
Needles: 3.25mm, 4mm
All purchased at The Needle Emporium.
The only modifications I made was to put in 3 buttons instead of 2.
The pattern called for 2 balls for this size (1-2 yrs) but I ended up needing 3 to finish the neck and button bands.
Now, I'm back to working on the cardi for the store, oh, and I started something for me.
I couldn't help myself, I was cruising around Ravelry (dangerous place) and saw the Aestlight Shawl. When I saw it I knew I already had the perfect yarn, which I purchased at the K-W knitters fair a few years ago and never finished that project, so obviously it was meant to be.(that's what I keep telling myself)Lots of mindless garter stitch. So far perfect carry-a-long project.
Also Wandering Cat and I jumped back into the dye pot and did up some sock yarn for the etsy site, it was alot of fun.
It's drying now and hopefully will be on the site Monday or Tuesday.Don't forget about her contest, ending soon.

Stay tuned.


sue said...

Oh it does look so cute. I have the very same pattern book but havent purchased any wool yet for it. I love the green colorway. Yours looks beautiful in pink!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sweater looks great... finish the shawl soon so I can steal it

Samantha said...

Cute sweater! :) The shawl is pretty too. Perfect colours for you.

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see it on her, it's going to look so adorable!! :-)