7 June 2009


Well, I finally finished these today. It was a long and slightly painful process. I've never know a sock pattern to give me so much trouble. But I persevered, and got er' done.

I had a bad start and ripped back and started again, only to realize I hadn't messed up in the first place. Then several dropped stitches and total frustration, I reached the finish line.

I bought this yarn with no particular pattern in mind. I thought I'd use it for Potmotomus, and unbeknownst to me it's was the exact yarn Cookie A used. It was meant to be.

Pattern: Pomotomus by Cookie A
Yarn: Soft Touch Ultra 100% wool by Shelridge Farm 2--50g skeins Colour SU0903-C
Needles: 2.5mm


Wannietta said...

They're really beautiful Rhonda!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Look good, but that word is still too hard to say

Jeanne said...

Beautiful socks - great job!

sue said...

Gorgeous socks Rhonda! I tried that pattern a while ago now and could never get them to work out right. Glad yours did.

Jenn said...

That took a long time to get those babies going. LOL
Cool pattern, but I'd end up getting made doing them I'm sure.
They turned out great though. :-)