24 October 2008


I'm finally getting around to posting about my birthday gift from my daughter. I know she hasn't been knitting long, but is there some rule out there that knitters' should NOT have to finish their own birthday presents. She did a pretty good job, but I had to finish off the neck and sleeve edges. It's a lovely bamboo yarn from Berocco, and I love the colour. I think I need more red sweaters!

And I finished the top down version of my raglan baby sweater, and I even got down the rough draft. Once I punch in a couple of more sizes and set in some pictures I'll post it in my side bar.And because I have no idea what the gender of the baby is, it's plain old vanilla and duck buttons.

My poor son was working all the way out in BC over Thanksgiving, and he missed out on his momma's turkey dinner. So we did it up on Wednesday had all the trimmings. The only problem is Mr. D is still away and I've had too eat a lot of leftovers by myself. (Well, Lady dog has helped a little).
So today, I did up a big pot of homemade turkey soup.

Best thing on a grey day like today. Mmmmmmm!!! I'll have to find someone to share it with.

Wait till you see what I'm knitting up for the Alpaca Farm.


sue said...

What a gorgeous present your daughter made for you. Love the red too. The baby jacket looks adorable in the vanilla too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Dave ate ALL his soup already!

Jenn said...

mmm homemade turkey soup sounds tasty.