1 September 2008

Long weekends.........

This has been one of those long weekends I just didn't want to end.

Saturday I found a couple of lazy cats who had snuck into the wool room and made themselves comfortable. Yes, that is Duece laying on a lovely nest of merino. Ssh, don't tell Leslie. He's never bothered with the wool before.And Russell is just happy with any cardboard box.
I've been working on this new project for Julie. A cabled cardigan from the new Rowan Cocoon. The yarn is like butter. It's knit on 7mm needles and going quite quick.
The daughter and I spent a girls day in the back yard dying some more yarn. It was alot of fun doing it outside and this is much nicer to look at than laundry drying.
And Lady-dog ended up having a play date with two wandering Retrievers. We finally found they're owners looking for them, they just moved in a couple of doors down and I guess they decided to check out the neighbourhood. And now that they know Lady has a pool I think we'll be seeing more of them. You know how that is.
Can I please stay home the rest of the week?


sue said...

Your yarn looks lovely. How nice to enjoy the outdoors when you have nice weather. How cute that your dog now has some buddies to play with too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Almost got all the dye off my hands!

Angelika said...

That yarn looks great and I like the colors you chose. Can I send my dog over sometime? She'd enjoy a bath like that too, I bet. On the 4th day off my husband got cabin fever and went off with his bike, while we were lazy at home, needles for me DS for my boys.

Samantha said...

The yarn looks fantastic! :)

Awww Lady has new friends. Too cute. :)

Heidi said...

The yarn looks great!