13 November 2006

Post Office Closed today.

There's nothing I like better than and extra day off. The Post office is closed today because Rememberance Day fell on Saturday, so that means a stat holdiday for us on Monday. Whoo Hoo! So you know what that means and extra day to do what I do best. Knit, knit and knit some more. So without further ado..........pictures of progress.............
My shawl is coming along, I'm still only on the first ball of yarn . 4 more to go.

My top secret knit-- the back is almost finished.

I blocked the back of the sweater for my daughter. She is knitting this for her boyfriend. I'm so proud. It's her first try at cables and a full size sweater. But rumor has it she was knitting Barbie doll clothes last night.

And the new addition to our family "Duece". He is Miss "P"'s cat but will be living with us because he needs other feline company. So far things are going well and I'm hoping that all three boys will adjust without too many "cat"tastrophies. He certainly is not afraid of the dog. But then again he has two extra toes on his front feet for self-defense.


Samantha said...

Awwww Deuce ... so cute. My my, Miss V is doing a FINE job on that sweater.

A day off for Rememberance Day! No fair! I want that too. No wonder I didn't get any fargin' mail yesterday. Harumph.

Wannietta said...

Your daughter's sweater is looking great - I don't blame her for wanting to knock off some quick Barbie things!

sue said...

The shawl looks great, and I love your daughter's knitting, how great is that. Everything else will seem a lot easier to knit after she accomplishes that, and there is nothing wrong with knitting barbie clothes, just so tiny and a pain later on to sew up.

Alisha said...

Deuce is cute!!

The cables are great...your daughter is doing awesome!!

Your shawl is looking beautiful. I am glad you enjoyed some extra knitting!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh he's a little sweetie! That sweater is gorgeous! She's doing a great job.