20 October 2006

Shelagh is done.

It's done!
Shelagh is done.
Pattern: from the Garter Belt
Yarn: Super10 Cotton 5--125g skeins
Needles: 4.5mm Addi turbos

I love doing top down sweaters. No seaming.

This was a great pattern easy to follow, lots of sizes, and you could do it in a lot of different yarns.

This is what I took home today at 1pm. I only left the room for a minute, I needed a pee break, honest. I should have elaborated on the make-up. These were the new stamp markers we bought at the dollar store.


Samantha said...

Shelagh is awesome! I expect to see it at the next Guild meeting. :)

Did you wash her before you took her home? *lol*

sue said...

How cute and funny is your granddaughter. Makeup I assume is a little girl's naughty treat. I absolutely love Shelagh too, beautiful color, will we see it modelled on the blog.

Alisha said...

Shelagh is so so lovely!!!

I love that messy face!!!!

Renee said...

Very pretty sweater.

She applies her make-up much more conservatively than I did when I was that age. Cutie!

Rhonda said...

Oh how funny! Hehehe, I hope it didn't hurt to wash off. My Mom had to get yellow house paint off of me once ... after she caught me (which wasn't easy because she was 7 months pregnant & I ran like the devil).

Cute kiddo.