17 October 2006

Day 2!

Julie's bag is done. Miss "P" and I will making a trip to the store tommorrow to drop it off just in time for the Creative Festival.

We took these pictures for momma. Hope she's not missing us too much.
These are from Sunday. Paisley loved beading and she was at it all day. Got to love that cheesey smile.

It's cold and
rainy today so we're having another indoor fun day.

We went to the dollar store and got some scissors, stamp markers, and more beads.

Not sure what we're cutting out. I think it's supposed to be a pumpkin

Now we're off to the library and the grocery store for milk, brocolli and bologna, and Gramma desperately needs a Tim Hortons. Then we'll be making some supper for Aunt Valerie tonight.


Samantha said...

It sure looks like you're having a lot of fun! Today (because of the weather) we all played Lego and train and now (finally) I have a minute because Owen has decided to play PacMan. Whew.

Rebekah said...

OH what a great bag! So very cute.


That bag is awesome. Julie is one lucky lady.

Jenn said...

Awwweee....I cried the other night, I just miss my baby so much. Having fun out here, even though I have a nasty cold and the wedding went great! :< Love the pictures too, miss you all lots and lots! xoxoo
Was nervous on the plane and messed up my sock...lol wasn't even up to full elevation yet, how funny is that. Oh well, at least I had my music.
See you in a few days!!! Love, Momma

Hey there everyone in blogland! Just Jennys bestest friend saying hi. Nice being a wifey! The first night was great anyways!
love kerri

Rhonda said...

Looks like she'll be crafty like her Grammy and Momma!

And I love that bag!!

sue said...

It looks as though your granddaughter knows how to keep herself entertained. I wish my daughter did. I still love the bag, it looks fantastic, and the colors are gorgeous especially with those flowers on it.