13 February 2006

Olympic Challenge

Well, everyone is off to a great start. I personally will not be starting something new. I have decided as my personal challenge to finish as many UFO's as possible. I have started with a cardigan for a customer of Julie's. I have almost half the collar done and the other side to do and then sew it up. Pictures will follow when complete.

Then I will go full steam ahead with Julie's plain pullover no matter how unchallenging it will be.

I did allow myself one little treat though. Two new balls of sock yarn to look at till my Jaywalker's are done.

And I had to throw this in just for the cuteness factor!


Samantha said...

I love the opal yarn on the right. They are both lovely, but the one on the right is my favourite.

It's funny ... I see a baby and I think "gee, it'd be nice to have another baby" and the same thing happens when I see a puppy ... I WAAAAANT one. LOL She is so sweet. :)

Rebekah said...

Oh the cuteness factor is always a plus!

Jenn said...

I'm in LOVE with the sox yarn and the puppy's pretty damn cute too!

Cynthia said...


I do like your yarn - I am not a pink person but they are groovy. I have some Opal but it is so not nice like yours. Did you know that Opal has a sideways sock pattern you can knit? I have the pattern; got it off the net and if you want it let me know because I can give you the web page. I started mine and then ripped them out. I have to say that the yarn on the right is pretty nice. Oh and the dog very nice - good face!