1 March 2013

I can do it............

I think I'm actually going to finish this Business Casual KAL.  I have one sock done and I'm on the heel flap of the second one.
I love everything about this pattern.  It's well written and it holds my interest for the most part.  It's easy to memorize and all I want to do lately is knit.
Well, I may have got distracted a little bit.
Stargazer Socks

I'm always feeling the urge to use my sock machines, and with my every growing stash there is never a shortage of inspiration or choice of yarns.

In fact a short jaunt to The Needle Emporium  last week resulted in a couple of skeins of Lorna's Laces following me home.

The colour is Christmas in Downton, inspired by the show Downton Abbey.  These colours are so me. I just got the first 2 seasons, so I really need to sit and knit and watch this show, I keep hearing rave reviews.

Then a few weeks ago BossCat was dyeing yarn, and this one may have found it's way into my private stash.
It's my favorite base.....Alley Cat.  How could I resist?
 She said if I don't knit it up within the month she's taking it back.  Any patterns suggestions?


Sue said...

I am starting to think that I should knit up a pair of those business socks, everyone who has knit them make them look nice. I love your socks that you knit on the machine too. What a gorgeous colorway that your daughter dyed up, no ideas on a pattern but it does remind me of autumn.

Monika said...

I like your new socks! I have some Lorna's Laces sock yarn in my stash too, for years now. My sock machine (two hands) are not as fast as yours!