2 June 2012

I know, I know........

I said I was going to wait till I retire, but the bug bit me.  I know I don't need another hobby but I couldn't help myself.  Unfortunately I hang out with a lot of enablers on Ravelry, and what can I say? And there was the local Fiberfest last weekend.  There was a group of ladies, just spinning away.

 It just happened before I could give it a second thought.
I bought my mom's wheel.

and today was a trip to the Fiber Garden in Jordan, and now there's no turning back.
And don't worry, there's still knitting and dyeing.  We have a few new Chromacolours in the shop.

I'm back to work this week so hopefully I won't be too tired and I'll be able to keep up the pace.

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Monika said...

I hope you'll enjoy spinning as much as I do!