29 April 2012

A very busy weekend.........

BossCat made it up to dye up some new stuff for the shop this week-end, and if all goes wells we should be updating the shop next weekend, but we'll announce it officially when we figure it out. I think there's one there I'm keeping for me, okay maybe two.

While her yarns were drying I got some Barn Cat ready for a test drive.  We've had several customers ask about our Chromacolours in sock weight, so were giving it a try. Some turned out okay and some did not, but I'm not giving in yet.
 Here are the first ones I knit up on my CSM, they don't match exactly, but I love them.

And on to my other finished project.  I've had this one done for a little while now and I think it's my favorite shawl so far.
Lattice Shawl by Rose Beck

It's a DK weight so it knits up pretty quick. I loved the yarn so much that I couldn't put it down.
This is knit in Top Cat DK in Leviathan.  I added a few extra rows on the second pattern just so I could use most of the last skein up. It's soft and warm and scrumptious.  Perfect for a cool spring evening.


Julie said...

The shawl is beautiful

Monika said...

I was trying to leave a comment last night from my iPad, but was too tired to enter all the account nonsens etc.
Anyway, I LOVE your green Chromacolored skeins, surely you must think they are a success???
I also like your bloody socks, and the shawl looks wonderful.