10 July 2011

Finally some progress...

this weekend.  I finally feel that I've made some progress on projects and things that needed to get done.
First:  I finished up the baby hoodie that I'm trading for some yarn.
This is my own design, and I wanted to knit it again so I could familiarize myself with it again so I can get it published with some other sizes.  This one is in some Sirdar Snuggly I had in my stash, so I was happy to use some up. 
Next:  I made a little progress on my Taygete shawl by Romi, I'm finally getting the lace section close to the end

I'm also on the back of Julie's next project, I'll get some photos this week. Plus I managed to dye up some new stripey yarns for the shop.  We'll be having an update in the next couple of weeks.  I'd like to get a few more done this week, because I have 2 young visitors coming to stay for a week and I don't think I'm going to get very much done on the knitting front.


Sue said...

Your hoodie looks lovely in the Snuggly yarn. Love the stripey shawl too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cute hoodie - i think we should start calling the girls the dastardly duo!