28 April 2011

So smart...

I scare myself sometimes.   I was wondering how I was going to block the sleeves for Hallett's Ledge, seeing as they are knit in the round.  Flat pieces of knitting are so easy to lay out and pin.  But these really need the blocking but no way to lay them out and pin neatly.
Then I remembered I had a piece of foam core board I used  for photographing.
Voila, I cut out pieces the size I needed, soaked the sleeves, squeezed all the water out and slipped them on the boards.
And the best part was, I didn't need the pins.

Now I just have the button bands left.


Monika said...

Great idea! Is this for the shop you are knitting for or for yourself?

Wannietta said...

Very clever!!!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Fantastic! I'm keeping that idea filed away in my memory for future reference. I hope to knit some sweaters in the near future.