18 July 2010

Busy, busy, busy........

Today is for catching up. Mr. "D" has gone fishing for the day, and I did all my housework yesterday, so I could spend the day in the studio dyeing.
I finished up some custom orders (mostly Slinky Cat) and I did up a couple of skeins of House Cat just to use up the leftover dyes. I'll have pics of them when they're dry.

I finally have all the pieces of Julie's pullover done and ready to put the collar on this week, and I actually found a zipper yesterday that will work nicely.

So on to my knitting, Robo baby's Helena is moving right along. The body is done and I've started the sleeves. I'm into the second skein now, and I'm so pleased with the way they matched up, I can't even tell the difference.
And just when I thought I would get back to monogamous knitting, I started a shawl/scarf with our Slinky Cat in Peacock.  We've had so many requests for this colourway, I though I better knit it up so everyone could see what it actually looks like. 
Personally, I just love looking at in the skein.


Jeanne said...

The sweater is beautiful - I love the colorway!

The new shawl is so pretty - that's one of my favorites!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Helena is looking good

Samantha said...

I love Helena! The colour is stunning!! :) I like Peacock too. :)