27 June 2010

Time goes too fast...

This weekend just flew by. Between getting orders ready to go out tomorrow and laundry and house cleaning, I did manage to get a little knitting done.
Boss Cat came by on Saturday with several quarts of strawberries, so the jammin' was on.

We made 3 batches of strawberry jam and still have several quarts left to freeze down for over the winter.

So it's back to work tomorrow with the holiday on Thursday, so that seems to be a good day to dye up some more yarn (Mr "D" is planning on going fishing). We have an order of Slinky Cat and Fluffy Cat coming, and we'll have some more lace back in the shop very soon.


Monika said...

I used to make jam too. I love strawberry and apricot the best. I don't like chunks though, so I always used the blender first. Your glassed of jam really look yummy though!

Paisley said...

Daddy says make lots..... he says he has no room to make jam this year