9 May 2010

It must be in the genes......

I think when your raising your children, you wonder if they're paying attention to anything you say (especially teenagers). Especially the one who says "I don't have to learn to knit, my mother will make it for me."
It's one thing when your knitting for small children, and you don't have a job outside the home. You can crank out a lot of child size articles.  But there comes a time when, mommy has to go to work, and her children are wearing adult size clothing.  Mother doesn't have the time do knit stuff for herself, let alone other adults in her life.
Well Boss Cat has come a long way, from that little girl, and realized that she would have to pick up the needles, if she wanted anything hand knit for herself.
So today....Mother's Day....made me realize that children do listen to their parents on some level.
This is what I received for Mother's Day.
Frozen Leaves Shawl, knit with our own Wandering Cat Slinky Cat yarn. I am honored. Thank-you Valerie, it will always be treasured.
And on that note, I also knit a shawl for my mother...
Pattern:  Springtime Bandit
Yarn:  Wandering Cat Fluffy Cat in Avalon
Needles:  4mm

This pattern is originally done with a worsted yarn, but I wanted to use the Fluffy Cat fingering, so I knit 7 repeats of the first pattern and 1 of the edge pattern and used just less than 1 skein of yarn.  I started last Sunday night and finished it this past Saturday.   Just enough time to block and dry it before I delivered it to my MOM.   (Remind me not to do that again.)
I am now returning to previous knitting projects not yet done.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Hah! Maybe you should have listened to all that advice you gave me about NOT procrastinating!
Glad you like the shawl - I figured you were too busy to knit one for yourself

sue said...

They are both beautiful shawls! I am sure that you both loved them very much and I hope one day my daughter will love craft just as much as I do now.

Monika said...

Both lovely shawls, and in similar colors too! :o)
Springtime Bandit is one shawl I have on my to knit list as well.

My mom used to knit for us too, but I did not learn to knit from her. It's sad that she can't appreciate hand knit items, even though she once knit ski sweater for her grown up brothers.

Samantha said...

Both shawls are lovely. You give me hope my children are listening, even if just on occasion.