29 March 2010

Any day now....

Mr "D" has been a busy boy so far (we're off this week).  While I've been upstairs, cleaning and doing up the laundry and knitting, he's be in the basement working on our new dye studio.
This use to be Boss Cat's room, and when she got her first big girl place, this room has been a storage room.
Well gone is her band-aid coloured walls, the old stained carpet, and all the nasty mould that was hiding behind the walls from the previous owners.
Mr."D" completely gutted, put up new insulation, new drywall, new ceiling with fluorescent lights, and today he laid the sub floor and the laminate.  All that's left is the trim and closet shelves, and shelves and work tables.
It's almost a shame that Boss Cat will be slopping dye and water all over this.

I think I'll keep him around....he's kind of handy.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It wasn't band-aid - it was doe-skin!

Jeanne said...

Nice - its going to be a great studio - I love the floor!

Samantha said...

Looks good!

I keep mine because he's handy too.