31 August 2009

Finally done!

Yes, it's finally done! Off the to Knitter's Fair you go.
I love the yarn. Lovely to knit with and blocks beautifully. My only real complaint with the pattern is the way the designer weaves in the coloured yarn while you knit the front. I found it takes too long, threw off my tension, and there's just way too much increasing and decreasing going on while you're trying to keep track of the colour sequence.
So, I threw that idea out the window and just knit the front with the main colour and took my darning needle and wove all those colours in.It probably took just as much time to weave it all in, but I still have my sanity.
Pattern: Uptown Downtown Jacket by Kim Hamlin
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater by Blue Sky Alpacas
Needles: 4.5mm

Now Julie's got me on a deadline......with this.......Bridgewater.Who said miles and miles of garter stitch was relaxing!


sue said...

I love the woven sweater. It looks beautiful, lovely colors. I guess garter stitch is supposed to be relaxing, perhaps tv knitting is called for, lol!

Wannietta said...

Wow - it looks gorgeous!!! MMMMM - garter stitch!!

lexa said...

Love the woven jacket! And the color of your Bridgewater is gorgeous - I love greens. :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Good job on the jacket... tell Julie I want the shawl when she's done with it :)

Sigrun said...

That's an awesome jacket. I'd sure like to try that one on!!

Jenn said...

Looks good on the hanger!!!!
Garter stitch gets to me after a while.

Julie said...

The jacket looks great. I am sure it will get lots of attention at the Knitters Fair.

Please tell Val that she can not have the shawl-it is mine!!!