13 March 2009

#3 done...

I have the day off so I'm finishing up projects.
#3 for Julie is done, and though I can't say I enjoyed this one so much, it was an interesting knit. I turned this.....into this!
Pattern: Trapeze Tank sz small

Yarn: Maya / Tahki Yarns 4--50g skeins
Needles: 8mm

My only recommendations are to knit this on straight needles. I started it with circs but ripped and started over. I found with the large slubs of yarn, it was to hard to get an even tension.
Then everything was smooth sailing.
Except for photographing! Someone always has to interfere.

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like the glimspe of Russel and Lady underneath Tibby... looks like a whole party