20 July 2008

Girls gone wild....

The results of our yarn dying yesterday. This was alot of fun. As you can see somebody doesn't like to follow the rules and wear gloves, (she's always been like that) I think it's her free spirit or she just doesn't like to listen to her mother.

This one is for you Samantha.....remember that lovely dishcloth you knit for her. All the rules-- right out the window.We did end up with some nice colours. And now seeing them on the yarn, I have some more ideas for next time.

So while they're drying, I finished sewing on the buttons for the baby set I knit for a co-worker. She picked the pattern and the yarn came from my stash.

Pattern: Sirdar Snuggly Book of Baby & Toddler Knits 3-6 mos

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly DK colour 0399 4-50g balls

This pattern is from Book #282. I only modified the hat. Instead of knitting back and forth I did it in the round and made I-cord ties. I would definitely think about doing this one top down and with no shaping on the lower section. All in all not one of my favorite knits but it did go quickly.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

They're not so much actual rules... more like ... guidelines

Samantha said...

The yarn looks great! The dishcloth, well, at least now it's colourful. LOL

She doesn't follow the rules and you once said *I* was the bad influence on her! Ha! Now you can see its the other way around. I would have worn gloves. :)

Jenn said...

Very nice!! Can't wait to see it knit up. :-)