16 June 2008

Full circle...

It's been a great week off work, and I still have one more.
We went fishing... as you can see Mr. D is always happy when he's in his boat.
We had a perfect dog. She loves watching the water splash by...and she got a swim when we went back to shore.
This baby had to go back until bass season opens at the end of the month. Too bad!!!!This little beauty was keeping a close eye on us.
And I did get a little knitting done....this is the baby blanket I've been working on, and I'll tell you about that one another day!

I finished this one yesterday morning, and it feels like I've come full circle. I made this hooded jacket for my daughter when she was born, it was my very first knitting project. And now that I've made several over the past 30 years, I was thinking it was time to re-vamp the pattern. I like the top down method so much that I took lots of notes and I'm going to try doing it backwards with alot less sewing.Pattern: Jacket with Hood--Patons Beehive for Baby #150

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly DK 3--50g, 1-50g ball for contrast.

Needles: 3.75mm

Modifications: I took the idea from the Tulip sweater and did a seed stitch border and an I-cord bind off, and crocheted ties.

Now I'm off to start something new.


sue said...

Rhonda it looks as though you are enjoying your holidays. The baby hooded jacket is beautiful. I cannot wait to see the blanket either.

Samantha said...

It looks like a gorgeous day on the water. :) The baby cardigan is adorable.

I hate swans. Evil bastards.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

good goggie...!
Sweater looks good