10 May 2008

Another one done......

Beribboned Eyelets: from Kids Kids Kids from XRX.
I love this pattern, it was quite an interesting knit. You start with the back and sleeves, then put them all together, and then you knit the rest of the cardigan in one piece, then knit the bands. Minimal sewing up!!!!I knit this for our new granddaughter, who should be here in a few short weeks, but seeing as we're coming into warm summer weather, I'm knitting things at 6 months and up. I used Sirdar Tiny Tots from my stash, 3--50g balls. The pattern shows ribbon through the eyelet rows, but you don't have to if you don't want to. I will probably be making this one again.

I been using this as my blocking board for years. This is actually the second one. It's a large piece of foam, about 3' by 3', and I drew on a 1" grid. The cats think it's a scratching board, and it's been well used. So I decided to get myself a new board, and have been scouring the fabric stores for one. Finally, I started looking on the Internet and priced alot of them up(all in the States, it was hard to find someone in Canada who sold them). But with a little perseverance I did it!

Whoo hoo! I found Prairie Knits. Great price, great shipping, and fast delivery. Thanks Sian.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

That's the board I have too and I love it. But I've thought about getting those interlocking foam blocks for my lace blocking so I can block more than half a shawl at a time. But I have to wait on it.

Samantha said...

Excellent board! How is your not buying yarn quest going?

That cardi is too cute. :)

Alisha said...

That little sweater is very sweet!