9 March 2008

Holy snow....Batman!

We got snow, thunder, lightning, and more snow!!!!!

What is it about dogs and snow? She just won't quit! The more snow the better.
I'm just glad it happened on the weekend and I didn't have to work in it.

And just a small reminder to make sure your walkways and stairs are clear for you mail carrier.
Mostly I sat and watched the snow fall and worked on Tulip. I'm on the seed stitch border, then on to the I-cord.

I thinking, whoever thought of the idea to make these interchangeable circular needles, is a genius. I can leave all the stitches on the cords and put the end caps on and I don't have to transfer them back and forth. From there I start right on the I-cord edge.
Genius, I say!!!!


Angelika said...

My dog has never seen snow, but by next winter we'll be moving, once again, and she'll get to play in it. I love my KP needles, just sometimes I get the yarn, especially the lace, caught in the joint, when it untwists. :(

Wanderingcatstudio said...

silly dog, Tux watched it out the window for a while, but I think he was more happy that Dave wasn't there

Deb said...

My big standard poodle is wild about the snow- but my wee little schnoodle-much happier rolled up in a warm blankie inside. Maybe it has to do with the size of the dog?