12 November 2007

Rainy, grey days and time off.......

Mr "D" has left me again for another week. What's a girl to do?

KNIT!!!!...and listen to audio books while I knit!

Friday was a day to go to Julie's to pick up a new project. Her newly designed "Hip to be Square Jacket". It's knit with Naturally Vero yarn and is totally garter stitch with mitered corners. It's going quite fast. Check this colourway out.Everything can be purchased at The Needle Emporium, on line, or I dare you to step inside the store and not come out with something.
Like this new Prism sock yarn, "SAKI". I couldn't decide which shade I liked so I got two... Smoke and Mojave.
As far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough sock yarn, but members of my family have been trying to make me see the light, that I'll never knit it all. We'll see! Nothing like trying to prove them wrong.

Oops, forgot I got these in the mail this week. I had to see what all the fuss was about. I'd better get cracking on sock making.
So today is a paid day off work, just me, the Lady dog and the boys. I also took tomorrow off so I have a bit of uninterrupted knitting time . I'm also working on the sweater for the farm, my own design, just plain stockinette stitch in the round so I won't bore you with that one. I'll post pictures when it's done.
Back to Anne of Green Gables and mitered corners.......


sue said...

The first jacket looks gorgeous in the green colorway (my fave) and I really love the one your making too. I have some Tofutsie yarn but havent tried it out as yet. I am sure that us knitters have enough yarn to last two lifetimes, otherwise we will need to teach some of our children to love yarn just as much so we can leave it to someone who will love it.

Anonymous said...

I'll wait for your review of the tofutsies, I've been interested to give it a try.
The saki is lovely.

Julie said...

The jacket looks good in the blue-you are knitting quickly!!! I too would like your thoughts on the Tofutsies.

Valerie said...

Don't worry about knitting all that sock yarn.. I'll help, I have plans for some of it Muhahahahah